The PSA Scorecard was created by Aptera Software, a leader in the development of business solutions tailored specifically for professional service and manufacturing companies. Aptera Software specializes in creating solutions that help businesses use technology as a tool for growth and success.


Aptera Software prides itself in hiring and retaining only the most skilled business consultants to ensure that customers receive the highest quality products. The Aptera Software staff routinely speaks at national conferences, writes articles for software related publications and serve as authors for software related books. The Aptera Software development team has spent thousands of hours making the Scorecard a revolutionary product.


The Scorecard was developed to solve a problem shared by thousands of professional services companies: there was no one software product for managing contacts, projects, time and billing and documents. Professional services firms were forced to integrate separate applications. The cost of the products and the integration left many companies with no alternative, but to manually track time and project information. Aptera Software has solved this problem by releasing the Scorecard and by making it affordable to all companies by offering it as a hosted application.


To schedule an online product tour and learn how the Scorecard can help your business, please send an email to or call (877) 313-9869.