The Scorecard will help you increase the profitability of your Architecture or Engineering firm. The easy-to-use interface encourages professionals to capture information about time worked and expenses incurred on projects.


Increase Revenue

If your firm is like most other architecture firms, you lose out on thousands of dollars of potential income each year because time worked is not invoiced and expenses are not reimbursed by customers. Simply having a solution in place to capture this information is not enough. The solution must be easy to use, so employees can quickly record time worked and expenses incurred. The Scorecard has been designed with this in mind. The Scorecard's user friendly interface allows users to quickly capture information. The Scorecard is entirely web-based so users can enter information from the office, client site, or their home.



Real-Time Project Management

Having access to real-time information about where you stand on a project is imperative in increasing your success rates on projects. Having this information allows your company to assign the necessary resources and take corrective actions to make sure projects are completed on schedule and within budget. The Scorecard's innovative method for managing owner change requests allows your company to recover expenses related to changes in scope.


Decrease Administrative Expenses

Having an integrated solution like the Scorecard will allow your firm to decrease the amount spent on administrative fees. The Scorecard will allow your company to save thousands of dollars each year in the elimination of duplicate data entry. If your firm has an administrative person that re-keys data on a weekly or monthly basis, start using the Scorecard to realize huge savings.


Better plan the future of your firm

In addition to increasing the profitability of your firm, the Scorecard provides information for performing strategic planning. Graphs and charts allow executives to see forecasted sales and the status of projects. The information provided in these graphical displays and reports allows you to make more informative and timely staffing and marketing decisions.