While the Scorecard is extremely user-friendly and simple to understand, we recognize that our users will occasionally have questions they need answered fast. The Scorecard support team goes far beyond what you would normally expect in product support. Our qualified support personnel are passionate about providing you with the highest level of support. When you call us you will speak with a real person that is qualified to answer your questions. Our customers never have to spend long periods waiting on hold or navigating through confusing automated answering services.


Another aspect of our support that separates us from other companies is our customer feedback process. We continually ask our users for feedback on the Scorecard and what new features they would like to see incorporated into the Scorecard. It is our customers that drive the direction of the Scorecard.


To ask a question or to make a feature request please call our support staff at (260) 969-1410 or send an email to support@apterascorecard.com.